We’re an innovation agency. We combine business strategy with brand creativity to help our clients win by addressing their categories’ social issues and opportunities.

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Protect our category leadership by establishing a leading social strategy and securing a sustainable supply of highest quality coffee.

Support the global market roll out of a new force in biodegradable plastic materials.

Reestablish category captaincy with key accounts and thought leadership in this increasingly commoditised fixture.

Create an equity-building promotional concept to build consumers' emotional attachment and loyalty to the brand.

Help us create proximity in Poland, an emerging and fast growing market with public concerns about role of multinational business.

Align our portfolio of businesses behind a single, public-facing social vision for energy stewardship that leverages our investments to date.

The launch of Nespresso’s award-winning AAA and Ecolaboration™ platforms, significantly increasing Net Promoter Score with target Club Members, independently assessed as enhancing smallholder farms’ economic, environmental and social performance, and on track to meet its carbon, capsule recycling capacity and sourcing commitments.
Base of the pyramid innovation to serve the nutritional needs of Polish children living below the poverty line, supported by a CRM campaign delivering meals to children in need of nutritional support, and a reputational turnaround for Danone, with significant improvement to consumer preference and bottom line growth of the company.
The Drink 1 Give 10 promotion, established over 5 years across 5 markets, elevating Volvic within a commoditised category into an actively pro-social brand, and raising over $3 million to fund UNICEF projects providing clean drinking water to tens of thousands of children and families in Ethiopia, Niger and Mali.
Mission Goodness – a campaign promoting Müller’s Shropshire provenance and fresh qualities, strengthening local farmer, customer and community partnerships, reengaging the workforce in the business’ mission, and delivering the highest value and volume share in over three years.
The quality of GoodBrand’s work, both in terms of their strategic thinking and their undeniable creativity, is second to none and we thank the team for the drive and passion that they bring to every challenge.


GoodBrand understand the need to simplify and recommend clear strategic solutions that address the commercial deliverables. They’ve the skills to work closely with key management within the business and earn their trust and support.


I have worked with GoodBrand since their inception. I have no hesitation in recommending them – and their Sociovation process – to any business leader seeking to gain economic return from sustainability or CSR.


Our offer combines robust business strategy and creative brand planning for a more effective and integrated set of outcomes.

A new kind of leadership is needed for business to
thrive today: managers who can lead with wisdom,
not just talent.

Drawing on the learnings from our global C-suite
survey, The Wisdom Project in collaboration
with ECCLAR, we help business leaders by equipping
them to resolve dilemmas and seize opportunities,
developing principles for personal and organisational
quality performance.

In today’s markets, where strategic convergence is rapid and inevitable, social innovation offers new space for differentiation and value creation.

Using our 15-year proven Sociovation® process we identify unique business, category and portfolio opportunities that draw on clients’ proprietary assets to create three-way value for business, consumers and society.

The seminal difference between successful companies and mediocre ones is the degree to which their people and stakeholders are engaged in the business’ values and direction.

We help our clients harness new purpose within the organisation and with wider stakeholders, creating unique cultural assets and enhancing business performance.

Social strategy sits at the heart of today’s most successful brands. As well as exceeding their categories’ table stakes, these brands give people new ways to define and develop themselves.

Our 3D Branding™ model helps brands give consumers a better experience. We use it primarily to help brand owners find expression for social and sustainability assets in their marketing, as well as for building new brands from scratch.


People’s outlook and behaviour are shifting around the globe, creating new opportunities…

Download factsheet


Social and sustainability innovation represents the new frontier for market growth…

Download factsheet

Brands are incredible. They inspire us to change.
But the economic value brands create currently
can come at high environmental or social cost.

We believe brands can create positive value and
the more brands compete for social credibility
the better the outcomes will be for everyone.

That’s why we created GoodBrand.

Our unique mix of sustainability and brand strategy offers our clients a more effective and integrated set of outcomes.


Peter is a brand and business consultant with more than 20 years’ experience working in marketing strategy, research, innovation, behaviour change, digital communications and sustainability consultancy. He first joined GoodBrand ten years ago, and is more passionate than ever about its mission.


Gerhard is a visionary leader and strategic thinker. He draws on 30 years in general management, marketing and sales management of branded consumer goods for companies like Danone. He is currently based in Dubai and Tehran and supports GoodBrand in projects in the Middle East.


Ged is known to be a leading agricultural sector marketing strategist, and has worked extensively on analysis and comms strategy for US organic food and beverage companies and NGOs. Ged is founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded African Organic Farming Foundation, which supports small-scale farmers.

ALISTAIR GEDDES Managing Partner, UK

Alistair is the ultimate strategic thinker and problem solver. He has a proven track record for growing businesses internationally having worked at executive level in UK, Europe and Asia for FMCG multinationals.


Matt is a step change marketing veteran with a passion for health and wellbeing. As the CEO of Nestlé UK Food and Beverage Matt ran organisational redesigns and introduced leading edge sustainability, health and wellness programmes. He now sits on the boards of Earth's Own Food Co, Happy Planet food company and Burcon NutraScience, and continues his work in sustainable agribusiness.


Harry is a PPS graduate from Cambridge with keen interests in both politics and design. He is a regular analyst and contributor on both topics, has been drawn by leading companies’ ability to operate effectively in both spheres, and wants to contribute to helping more business to achieve that goal.


Liza has 20 years experience working with the private, public and NGO sectors across Asia, Europe and Latin America. Alongside consulting with GoodBrand she has been Executive Director of CIMS. Liza previously worked as Value Chain Director for Corporate Citizenship, and sat on the board for the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).


Pawel is a keen sociologist, lecturer and author on corporate social strategy. He is founding editor-in-chief of CR Navigator, a well-respected quarterly review which he founded. In his advertising past he was creative managing director at Y&R and creative director at EuroRSCG, having trained at Warsaw and Amsterdam Fine Arts Academies.


Dean is an 18-year social innovation veteran and the founder of GoodBrand. Over that period he has become a highly regarded keynote speaker and has advised many multinational companies on cutting edge sustainability strategy and asset creation, facilitating long lasting partnerships with civil society.


Mike is a keynote speaker on wise leadership, published author and conference moderator. He recently returned from a management practice professorship at China Europe International Business School and has since co-founded Good Leaders Online.


Alan is a social innovator with extensive experience designing support services for social entrepreneurs and sustainable supply chain strategies for multinationals. He previously advised UNDP, consulted at Inter-American Development Bank and co-founded Hub Bogotá.

thumb-1 thumb-2 Ged Al Matt Harry Liza Pawel Dean Mike Alan
The way business is done is as important to us as the results it delivers. Respect in relationships; courage, honesty and humility when facing challenges; positivity and imagination in our work. These matter to us.
Marketing needs to work harder to recognise more than just the end consumer. Every category has its weak spots, and we make it our business to work with those for whom those issues matter.
One great by-product of our work is the way it brings together groups of people who are typically divided by structure: the marketers, the corporate guys, the product developers…
If you’re not satisfied with our services, we will agree a portion of fees that reflects your level of satisfaction. (We’re pleased to say seventeen years on we’ve not had to invoke this clause yet :)